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iPhone Camera Hacks: Tips For Taking Better Photos and Videos

The iPhone is known for its exceptional camera quality, but with a few simple hacks, you can take your photos and videos to the next level. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional videographer, these tips will help you […]

The iPhone is known for its exceptional camera quality, but with a few simple hacks, you can take your photos and videos to the next level. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional videographer, these tips will help you capture stunning images and videos with your iPhone camera.

Tips For Taking Better Photos and Videos

Iphone Camera
Iphone Camera
  1. Clean your lens The first and most important step to taking better photos with your iPhone is to clean the lens. The camera lens is exposed to the elements, and even small smudges or dust particles can affect image quality. Use a soft cloth or lens cleaning solution to gently wipe the lens before taking photos or videos.
  2. Use the grid The grid is a helpful tool that can improve the composition of your photos. By turning on the grid, you can align the subject of your photo with the lines of the grid to create a more balanced and visually appealing image. To turn on the grid, go to Settings > Camera and toggle on the Grid option.
  3. Adjust exposure and focus The iPhone camera automatically adjusts the exposure and focus based on the lighting conditions and subject of the photo. However, you can manually adjust these settings to create a more dramatic effect or to capture a specific detail. To adjust the exposure and focus, tap and hold on the screen until the AE/AF lock icon appears, then drag your finger up or down to adjust the exposure, or left or right to adjust the focus.
  4. Use burst mode Burst mode is a great feature for capturing fast-moving subjects, such as sports or wildlife. To use burst mode, simply hold down the shutter button while taking photos, and the camera will capture a series of images in rapid succession. You can then select the best photo from the burst or create a GIF or video from the images.
  5. Take advantage of the portrait mode The iPhone’s portrait mode uses advanced technology to blur the background and create a professional-looking depth-of-field effect. To use portrait mode, open the camera app and swipe left until you see the Portrait option. Then, simply frame your subject and take the photo. You can also adjust the lighting effect to create different moods, such as studio or stage lighting.
  6. Use third-party apps While the iPhone camera app is powerful, third-party apps can provide additional features and tools for taking better photos and videos. Some popular apps for iPhone photography include VSCO, Snapseed, and Adobe Lightroom. These apps offer advanced editing tools, presets, and filters to enhance your images.
  7. Use natural lighting Natural lighting is often the best lighting for taking photos and videos. Avoid using the flash unless absolutely necessary, as it can create harsh shadows and unnatural colors. Instead, try to position yourself and your subject in a well-lit area, such as near a window or outside in the shade.
  8. Experiment with angles Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives when taking photos and videos. Try shooting from a low angle or a high angle to create a unique and interesting image. You can also use the iPhone’s panorama mode to capture wide-angle landscapes or cityscapes.
  9. Use the timer The iPhone’s timer feature is a great tool for taking selfies or group photos. To use the timer, open the camera app and tap on the timer icon. Then, set the timer to either 3 or 10 seconds, frame your shot, and wait for the camera to take the photo.
  10. Edit your photos and videos Finally, the key to taking better photos and videos with your iPhone is to edit them. Use editing tools such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and color balance to enhance your images and create a unique style. You can also use video editing apps such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush to create professional-looking videos.


In conclusion, the iPhone camera is a powerful tool for capturing stunning photos and videos, and with these tips and hacks, you can take your skills to the next level. From adjusting exposure and focus to experimenting with angles and perspectives, there are countless ways to improve your photography and videography skills with your iPhone. By using third-party apps, natural lighting, and editing tools, you can create professional-looking images and videos that stand out from the crowd. So go ahead and explore the many features and capabilities of your iPhone camera, and let your creativity shine through!

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