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The Art of Letting go – How to Let Go of Things in 2020

'Accept what is, let go of what was'. Letting go of things is certainly not easy but its important for peace of mind. If you hold a grudge against a situation or anything that affects you mentally, you will suffer in the long run. 


Letting go of things will open new opportunities for you and will let you set free. It is the same feeling you get when ‘Light beams in through the dark’ or when the ‘Bird is set free from the cage’. Letting go will set you free from your chain of emotions and you’ll feel much lighter. 


If you are stuck in a relationship with no meaning or a job with no growth, the best thing you can do is let go. When you hold on to things, you block your share of happiness. 

Here are some tips that’ll help you let go of things:

Allow negative emotions to flow 

When you allow negative emotions to flow, you will feel better. Most people hold back emotions like anger, grief, and sadness. But, it is important to let them flow out of you. If you feel like crying, don’t hold back. If there is sadness, you can take time out and feel it. Spend some time alone and contemplate things, as that’ll surely make a difference. 

Accept and engage in self-care


‘Acceptance’ is the only solution to move on. If you don’t accept things or situation, you won’t come out of it. Most people don’t accept things are they are and that is a major cause of suffering.

In the case of heartbreak, you must accept that its all over. If you wait for an apology from the person who hurt you, it will slow down the whole process of letting go. 

Self-care empowers us in the right way. The more you pay heed to self-care, the more you’ll feel good. Letting go of things is easy if you engage in self-care. It’ll bring a feeling of comfort and joy. It’ll let you go beyond things that don’t matter anymore. Once you accept and let go, turn to self-care and self-love. 

Practice mindfulness and meditation 

A bad situation may take time to heal so you need to practice mindfulness. You need to focus on the present rather than the past. When you start to live in the present, it’ll help you have control over hurt and anger.

The Art Of Letting Go – How To Let Go Of Things In 2020 2

You will have the freedom to choose your responses in life. A positive frame of mind will always let you stay in a positive space. 

Meditation is a therapy that calms your senses and your mind. When you practice meditation, it’ll help you deal with a situation in a positive way.

Meditation plays the most important role in letting go of things. When you are mentally stable, you can take a call in life.

Leave room for mistakes and focus on the present 


No one is perfect in life. If you blame yourself for situations then it’ll affect your mental well being. Letting go also means you need to leave some room for mistakes. But at the same time focus on the present state. If things are not in your control, just move on. That’s the best way to deal with the situation. 

Do what makes you happy 


Once you let go of things, you need to focus on your happiness. You can start by indulging in a hobby you love. If painting makes you happy, get yourself a canvas and paintbrushes. If cooking brings a smile to your face, try new recipes. If writing gives you peace of mind, get yourself a diary and start writing. The idea is to do what makes you happy. 

Claim ownership and full control of life 

Claim Ownership And Full Control

It’s important you focus on results and not regrets. Let go of all the blames and take ownership of your life. You can dream and achieve everything with your willpower. In the process of letting go, change one habit a day. You’ll feel a difference in a week. 

Final Word

Difficulties are a part of life. Hurt causes immense pain but how you deal with it matters the most. Letting go is easy if you make an effort from your side.

For a healthy mind, its good to move on without any grudges. It may take time, so be kind to yourself. Perseverance and patience will surely help you let go of things. 

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