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Clash Of Clans Hack: Hacks To Defeat A Pro Player Easily

Are you a clash of clan users and planning to defeat a pro player with the secret skills that can help you with victory? Well, if yes, these clash of clans hacks can help you beat the pro player easily […]

Are you a clash of clan users and planning to defeat a pro player with the secret skills that can help you with victory? Well, if yes, these clash of clans hacks can help you beat the pro player easily and master the game.

Whether a novice or an expert, these Clash of Clans working hacks will help you dominate even the pro opponents and get the victory home!

How to hack the clash of clans?

Precious Gems

Indeed, Clash of Clans is a free-to-play game, but once you start playing and indulge in it, you will get to know that the timers become excruciatingly lengthy. In such a situation, saving valuable gems is indeed a better choice to make.

Avoid spending your Clash of clan gems you receive from tutorials. Utilize your unlimited gems clash of clans later to take advantage of a resource boost.

Defend with tons of walls

If you are playing defensive, the best strategy to ace the game is to create multiple wall sets and upgrade them quickly. In the case of wooden walls, it’s essential to keep upgrading them as higher-level foes can attack the walls.

If there are multiple wall sets, you are more likely to stop your enemy from attacking you.

Offensive strategy

The offensive strategy to get ahead of the game is to focus on the elixir and troop production. After reaching the new town hall, you must upgrade your pumps and elixir storage along with your camps and barracks.

This way, you can stockpile the elixir and troops to raid and win trophies continuously.

Shield advantage

Well, have you ever come back to a raided village and lost all your trophies there? Well, if you think that all is lost, then no, you can still get up and perform.

In such a situation, you can take the shield advantage. Well, you can get a shield advantage if the village is forty percent destroyed. And in the case of ninety percent, you can get an extra 4 hours.

But this can be done only by building, upgrading, and waiting. Upgrade the offensive structure as your enemies will not attack while leveling up. This is the perfect time to stockpile resources and create troops.

Additional Tip!

One tip you can follow here as a Clash of clans free hack is to leave your town hall open for the trophy hunters. They will destroy your town hall while giving you a free shield at just a cost of a couple of trophies. 

Isn’t it great? 

And additionally, this will also save your resources in the long run. A double advantage with a single, smart move!

Base Layout

The prime focus while developing a base is to generate distance between the outside and your resources. 

Ensure to have no open tiles inside of the base and make the structures as close as possible. This permits the offensive buildings to cover a larger space amount.

Raid Intelligently

Before you wreak havoc on the base of your enemy, ensure to take advantage of 20 seconds before the raid. Examine first and then decide where you want to focus your troops.

Drop the giants first to distract the enemy fire from wall breakers. Plan to place Barbarian and Archers at an advantageous spot. 

So, once your enemy’s defenses are destroyed, the barbarians, archers, and wizards can finish their jobs efficiently.

Tips to be noted!

  • One easy way to get rid of air defenses or mortars is to utilize lighting spells on them.
  • Drop two of these spells that will help you destroy air defenses and make your raid easier.

Bottom Line!

At the end of the game, what matters the most is that you must enjoy it well. Apply these clash of clans’ real hacks in opposition to the master players and see the difference in the overall performance. 

Invite your friends and create a competition that can make the best base for you.

We hope this blog has helped you master the game with the introduction of a few games hack clash of clans to ace your game.

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