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Like Watching free movies Online? Here is How to Stream or Download Movies for Free

Watching movies from home has never been more easier these days with a plethora of online movie hosting sites, streaming and download web engines—readily available. Free movie web domains have made the daunting task of queue reservation to watch your […]

Watching movies from home has never been more easier these days with a plethora of online movie hosting sites, streaming and download web engines—readily available. Free movie web domains have made the daunting task of queue reservation to watch your favorite movies—that much easier.

If you’re one of those movie lovers who likes to stay indoors and binge watch free online movies and TV shows, and likes to download and stream your movie files for free, we have the perfect online movie avenues list made for you to access all that and more for free.

Here’s our customized list of tech-core movie web applications, and site wizards and manuals you can check out for downloading and watching free online movies.

Free online movie website

Free Online Movie Website
Free Online Movie Website

Let’s start our list with the quickest mode of accessing free movies, i.e. by simply typing in the keyword FREE ONLINE MOVIES in your search engine, you can get a wide list of websites that hosts free online movies. Not every site has the same contents, which largely depends on the genres and themes-specifics, they prioritize as their unique intellectual property.

Some free movie web domains you can check out are AZ Movies, Look Movies, Solar Movies, 123Movies, Tubi, Pluto TV, VidCloud etc. and many more you can find on the internet database.

You might want to strut around the mainframe of the websites first; check if the websites requires you to log in or sign up before you can watch any movies. There are many websites where you can watch high resolution picture quality movies on its cutting edge media player. Also, don’t forget to look for other free movie websites, if you stumble around one or couple that’s charging you money for it.



YouTube is one of the most viewed and most visited video platform on the internet. Many people would know YouTube for its vast list of video files for literally everything and anything. And many people might use it only for streaming the videos.

But YouTube has download links embedded for every video which appears on your browser. You can search for a title and watch the movie online or choose to download it.

To download movies on YouTube, you have to first download a YouTube Movie Downloader, which you can get it for free in playstore or the App stores. Copy the movie link from YouTube and paste it on the program, then run the program for downloading the file.

You can find free uploaded movies or Pay Per View movie files on YouTube. Interestingly, YouTube has been planning to launch its original streaming content for its viewers by 2020.

Torrent links

Torrent Links
Torrent Links

Torrent movie links are extraordinary platforms to obtain free movies in a phenomenal way. Torrent network is basically a User Coordinated peer-to-peer file sharing internet hive. Users instead of using the high traffic servers, coordinate on a swarm of hosts to share and exchange electronic files, in this case, movies.

Using BitTorrent protocol, users can send and receive portions of data from their peer’s machine and covert it into a full copy of the file.

While the operation of Torrent sharing itself is legal, but many users violate the regulations by updating copyrighted materials, which becomes illegal and unsafe to directly connect on it with your IP address, hence it is advised to use a VPN so that you can protect your privacy and machine from harmful malware.

Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels
Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are movie applications that are usually hosted by big TV networks combined with big corporations, aimed also to expand their original contents and franchises to reach to their audience. Since the movie files are hosted by the production company, you can get access to free full movies uncut and unedited.

Sony Crackle, Hulu, Netflix, Marvel Movies, Movies Empire, Yify Movies etc. are some of the most popular Telegram channels to watch and download your favorite movies online.

Telegram channels covers a wide range of popular genres from Action, Thrillers, Comedy, SciFi, RomCom, War, Indie etc., for different set of viewers. You can watch HD and ultra sharp picture quality movies online with their media savvy video engines.



Vimeo like YouTube is a free video sharing website. People can add, share, watch and download free online movies and documentaries from here. Its popular genres include themes on animation, comedy and war. You will find hoards of short clips and documentaries on this website.

It has a wide user base who upload myriad types of videos including domestic and amateur movies and videos, so you can be sure to discover a whole new experience on Vimeo.

Vimeo has a decent user interfacing infrastructure; easy to use and operate. It offers a high definition playback support and blocks out unwanted ads.


These are the top five free online movie application and programs for this season. If you have any other tremendous movie site and hosting platforms that offers free streaming and download, don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us all about the amazing free movie warehouse to us. 

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