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Oily Hair Hacks: Hair Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know In 2021!

Perfect hair is everyone’s dream! Oily hair hacks may bring you closer to it! Long hair, short hair, male or female- no matter which side of the board you are on, we all have those ‘bad hair days’ when our […]

Perfect hair is everyone’s dream! Oily hair hacks may bring you closer to it!

Long hair, short hair, male or female- no matter which side of the board you are on, we all have those ‘bad hair days’ when our hair just doesn’t look good enough. Whatever your hair type is, Excessive oil is always that old fashioned villain up there!

If you have turned up to this page with greasy hair already, looking for an instant saving, then you have landed right!. We bring you oily hair hacks that are about to become your favorite go-to’s in 2021! Check out!

Our scalp is naturally meant to secrete oil to keep itself nourished, and hydrated. This helps in maintaining the health of the scalp, and provides the necessary nourishment to the roots, all naturally! But anything in excess harms! Due to various underlying factors including skin conditions and diet, the sebaceous glands (oil-secreting glands) end up producing excessive oil (sebum). This in turn clogs the hair follicles causing damage to the roots, and deeply damaging the scalp in severe conditions.

Powder on!

Powder On
Powder On

Talcum powder is one of the daily essentials that we have at our home. This fine and fragrant powder can be used for more than making our face and body feel fresh. One of the most common oily hair hacks is putting some talcum powder on your oily scalp. It can help your hair look less greasy. The talcum powder absorbs excess oil from the scalp. It also loosens up the strands that have stuck together due to all the oil on them that make your hair look flat. Dust off the excess powder and you are set. Moreover, it will also leave a mild scent behind. Such a spell! Isn’t it?


Blow Dry
Blow Dry

Hairdryers most often come out of our shelves only on the day of hair wash, to dry the wet hair. But, did you ever think this cute little gun can be used to dry off excess oil from your hair too? Well, yes! On days your scalp and hair are way too oily, and you have absolutely no time to go for a wash, you can let some hot air from the dryer onto your hair. It will not only dry the excess oil away but also make your hair look voluminous, instantly!

Tissue hair hacks 

Tissue Hair Hacks
Tissue Hair Hacks

There will be days when your scalp becomes oily, to the extent, that the oil starts spreading down to your forehead and behind the ears, making your skin look greasy and unclean. Dabbing the tissue onto your scalp and on your hair helps in absorbing the surface oil, rescuing you from the grease, for the time being.

Oily hair hacks – comb without a comb

Oily Hair Hacks – Comb Without A Comb
Oily Hair Hacks – Comb Without A Comb

While we all agree on the multiple benefits that combing hair has, let us give it a break for a day! Combing your already greasy hair will further make it look flat, and take away the little bounce that your hair has. It will stick your strands together killing all the volume. So set the comb aside for the day, and let your fingers do the styling. It will give your hair a natural ad stylish look, and make them look a lot more bouncy! It works!

Messy hair  

Messy Hair
Messy Hair

Neat hairstyles surely are a beauty, but messy hairstyles aren’t any less beauteous! These days they are super trending! Messy hairstyles save us from the greasy, flat, and boring hair look. Play with your hair, tie or leave them loose as you want. Don’t comb them down. Mess them up! Make some random hairstyle that you are comfortable with, and go win the world!


Don’t let your oily hair sit on your confidence. Ultimately, it is how you carry yourself that decides your appearance and personality. Don’t let yourself get anxious thinking about what others would think looking at your ‘not so fresh’ hair. Keep the aforesaid smart hacks handy, and in your head. And get your ‘bad hair day’ all sorted!

(Hacks are just temporary solutions that will help you temporarily. The importance of a clean scalp cannot be underestimated. Also, in case of persistently and excessively oily scalp, it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist. While the hacks are temporary solutions, taking good care of your scalp and hair will help you in the longer run.)

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