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Time Tested Indie Weight Loss Hacks For Losing Weight Naturally

Indie weight loss hacks are simply the balance of lifestyle and diet, to reduce the fats. The healthy way to lose the unnecessary fats is not to avoid the fat intake, but to consume and utilize the fats in a […]

Indie weight loss hacks are simply the balance of lifestyle and diet, to reduce the fats. The healthy way to lose the unnecessary fats is not to avoid the fat intake, but to consume and utilize the fats in a healthy manner. 

With some really simple to implement tips, indie weight loss hacks have proven to work for many. The results of losing weight with these simple hacks are seen just within 30 days of its implementation. 

Here’s all you need to know about indie weight loss and its hacks:

Time tested hacks to lose weight naturally 

Plan out your diet

Diet plan is usually what we neglect the most. By considering all the natural and healthy options, and managing the way you are going to intake them, you can actually resolve more than 50% of health issues. Weight loss is one of them. 

Incline your diet to organic food

Eating organic foods is one of the natural weight loss hacks that would reduce the consumption of unhealthy and unnecessary fats. By eating a balanced organic diet, you will naturally be away from unnecessary fats, carbs, and sugars and will get the most sufficient nutrients.

Incline Your Diet To Organic Food
Incline Your Diet To Organic Food

Keep your body moving and performing some activities

Sitting in one place is one of the common factors for overeating. So, being engaged in different activities not only keeps you from eating heavily but also lets you burn some extra calories!

Eat consciously

By saying eat consciously, I mean that you need to eat without minimal distraction and enjoy every bit of your meal. Instead of watching TV or checking emails while you eat, enjoy your meal by concentrating on your plate.

Eat Consciously
Eat Consciously

Affirm yourself

Affirm yourself that you are reducing your weight and you are eating all healthy food. There are various reasons you could get back and give up on a plan. Hence the need to constantly affirm and motivate yourself to stay on plan.

Have a healthy morning ritual

Waking up early and exercising would increase metabolic rate for the whole day. So, exercise early in the morning for major benefits.

Have A Healthy Morning Ritual
Have A Healthy Morning Ritual

Do not wait for the craving

When dieting, you need not decrease your food intake so much that you wait till you are starving. Doing this will make your body think that there is a scarcity and when you eat, your body would store extra and make you overeat which would backfire your intention.

Drink honey and lemon water at the start of the day

Drinking honey and lemon water at the start of the day will not only rid your body with toxins but also boosts your metabolism for the day. So, starting the day with them is beneficial for weight loss.

Take just an ample amount of Sleep

When you do not sleep correctly, you will surely be tired and this could make your body demand more food for fueling it. This would eventually lead to overeating and thus you need to have plenty of sleep to prevent it.

Take Just An Ample Amount Of Sleep
Take Just An Ample Amount Of Sleep

Use visualize stimuli wisely

Visual stimuli can be helpful if used correctly. Consider having your food on a small plate rather than a large one. While it may seem not effective, the same quantity of dishes when placed on a large plate would look heavy than the one served on a smaller plate. So, when you get the food you eat on a smaller plate, your brain would think you have eaten enough and try to stop you from having another go.

Drink Green tea

Green tea is said to help your body burn up to 40% more calories every day. Along with it, there are numerous benefits for it so drinking green tea is a good choice.

Drink Green Tea
Drink Green Tea

Stay Hydrated

Feeling hungry doesn’t always mean you are in need of food. A few studies suggest that the body sends hunger signals when you are thirsty too. So, drinking an adequate amount of water would reduce those hunger pangs. Also, it is helpful for keeping unhealthy snacks away.

Cut off the junk food

Junk food will give you high amounts of fat and also is said to be destroying the brain cells which control weight. So, in order to decrease weight, one must not eat junk food.

Cut Off The Junk Food
Cut Off The Junk Food

Abstain from alcohol

When you take alcohol, your body would rely on that source of energy instead of fats. So, abstaining from alcohol brings you one step closer to making your body use the energy from the fats stored.

Now that we have understood some of the indie weight loss hacks, let us discuss other concerns related to indie weight loss techniques.

Why is indie weight loss the most suitable technique? 

There are many diets that are touted to be the best for weight loss. While there might not be a single superior diet that works for everyone, an indie weight loss diet has considerable advantages over others. Here are two of the important upsides for an indie weight loss diet over other diet alternatives.

Why Is Indie Weight Loss The Most Suitable Technique
Why Is Indie Weight Loss The Most Suitable Technique

No additional health issues

While other diet alternatives may be successful in reducing weight, they may recommend processed food and other many inorganic foods which could be grown using pesticides. Some also treat animals in harmful ways to increase their yield which all causes health problems in the long run.

In eating organic foods while following indie weight loss plans, one can be sure that there would be no harmful effects on their bodies later on.

Extra health benefits

While eating organic foods and following natural weight loss hacks, you can be sure that you get vital nutrients including proteins and vitamins all while focusing on weight loss. 

Moreover, an indie weight loss plan is generally environmentally and ethically good too!

Indie weight loss – DOs and DONTs  

While the weight loss hacks were in itself the DOs, here are a few to take care of:

Indie Weight Loss – Dos And Donts
Indie Weight Loss – Dos And Donts

Do a bit of research on your own lifestyle

In your whole journey of weight loss to find a working diet plan for yourself, you will come across various plans and ideas. Even in the indie weight loss diet hacks, you will find various variants of these. While every dietician will do their best to give you authentic and accurate information, but they will be quite generalized. So, before following any tip, a bit of research on yourself would be better.

Do choose your food wisely

One of the best things that organic foods have is that they have no preservatives. While that is good for health, it also means that they have a low shelf life and one needs to take extra care while storing these foods. The exact storage procedure depends on the fruit or vegetable in your possession. So, before buying the food, make sure you know the proper procedure for storing it.

Don’t overcook

Optimal cooking is essential to maintain the nutrients. It has been observed that when you overcook, some of the essential nutrients may be disintegrated thus not giving additional benefits.

When to expect the actual results of weight loss? 

The exact time where you can see significant changes in weight depends on many factors. In general, the prominent factors include your starting weight, the weight loss plan you are following. Here, we specifically talk about natural weight loss hacks.

When you start with a lot of weight with a high BMI, you may lose your weight at a faster rate than those starting with low BMI. However, even when following a natural weight loss diet, it all depends on the specifics of how you plan. Some plans are designed with huge weight loss at the start in mind while some with gradual weight loss. 

In general, any indie weight loss plans would take anywhere between two to four weeks to give a considerable weight loss.

Will cheat days affect weight loss? 

There are both psychological and physical effects of cheat meals/days. One of the most obvious effects is that these cheat meals produce a kind of incentive/reward for people staying on plan and thus might actually help people to stick to their plans which makes the plan effective.

There is a theory that links some physical effects for cheat meals. The theory goes like this: when you start a diet plan and start eating a low diet and have significant weight reduction, the leptin levels would be decreased.

Will Cheat Days Affect Weight Loss
Will Cheat Days Affect Weight Loss

Leptin is the hormone that suppresses the feeling of hunger. So, if there is a decrease in leptin levels, you will not have enough hormone for sending signals to suppress hunger feelings thus resulting in overeating. When a cheat meal is done occasionally, it would trick the hormone system into producing more leptin thus preventing the overeating.

There is no rigorous research for supporting this theory and also, everyone’s body does not react in the same way. So, you cannot be completely certain if cheat meals is a good strategy or not.

Bottom Line

Weight loss life hacks are indeed simple yet they need to be implemented consciously. By following the aforementioned natural weight loss hacks, you can reduce your weight while maintaining your health.

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